Learning is Fun!


          I had been pretty occupied by the classes I am handling now.  Teaching is so good especially if kids enjoy what they are doing.  Young students are young children.  Learning should be fun.  There is a difference between entertaining and learning.  

          Entertaining lessons are activities where children enjoy and only enjoy but there is not much participation and practice of the learning points they are learning.  In this way most of the time, the teacher becomes a clown of the class and do all the talking and gesture while the students become the listener and audiences.

          Learning is fun if students are being part of the class.  Activities are focused to the students.  There should be a lot of student’s involvement.  While the students are involvement, they should be enjoying and doing their best to finish the given task. 

          With all these communicative activities focused on the students learning, they come more expressive and natural in using the skills learned.

          Learning is fun, fun, fun if classes are so realistic and not robotic.  My students, you’re doing great!