Fiesta in San Juan Aroyao

Fiesta in San Juan, Aroyao Grande/ Feast of St John the Evangelist in Catanduanes Philippines is a big event in this small town.  The preparation takes almost a month.  Today May 27th, is the feast day.  Everybody is busy in their houses preparing for visitors to come. 

The celebration isn’t only today, it started in the first week of May.  The barangay captain has already agreed that there will an inter-barangay basketball league competition.  So the barrios of San Miguel were advised and the teams from each barrio had started preparing.  The other committee had meetings for other activities on the day itself.

It is full of fun because it is also a rime for most family to have reunions.  There are usually a lot of family members from Manila that only visits the barrio during fiesta.  So this time there a lot of people.  Same in our family.  We also got to meet older family members that don’t often visit us.  We mingle, play and sing with them.  We prepare lots of food for our family to share with.

I have a link below of the dates of the fiestas around the Philippines.  Please check it out.

Jughead’s Double Digest

Can you believe this? I found this comic book of Jughead (Jughead’s Double Digest #145) in our living room.  I was so happy when I saw it in our living room because it is one of my favorite book in my life.  Archie’s other comic books too.  Last October 2009, Manila was hit ny typhoon Ondoy and our place was damaged too.  All our things, books and clothes were soaked in water overnight.  My mom said she was able to save only a few things including appliances, photo albums and several books.  I never expected she was able to save this comic book. 

I so happy that after seeing it, I read it from cover to cover.  Hehehe &(^._.^)&

Jughead’s Double Digest is an American comic book.” (

In the issue of Jughead’s Double Digest #145 comic book I have here has “Little Jughead”.   It has 28 different short stories and several advertisements.  Among the many stories, I enjoyed “Little Jughead / Little Archie and Little Jughead / Little Archie and Friends”.  They are so cute and funny.

The Post Office

          After I went to the ASIATIC Medical Laboratories, Inc., I directly took a jeep to the post office.  There is a post office in near to my place.  It is called Post Office Sta Mesa.  I sent two special mail to my friend sin China.  The clerk said one mail which is weigh more or less 20 mg costs forty-five pesos and it will reach her home in seven days.  If I would send a mail just around Manila, it will only cost twenty pesos and will arrive after three working days.    If its outside Manila, the mail would cost twenty-five pesos and it will also take three days to deliver.  I had fun gathering this information.  Before I just go there, give the envelop to the clerk and give her money on the charge.   This experience has cleared some details on sending mails.  I still believe and practice sending greeting cards.  For me electronic cards will just pass but the hallmark cards will always be there.  &(^._.^)&


ASIATIC Medical Laboratories, Inc.

I did a lot today though in the morning I just stayed at home.  In the afternoon I went to ASIATIC Medical Laboratories, Inc. Its address is #71 Aurora Blvd., (Jade Bldg) Quezon City. 

ASIATIC Medical Laboratories, Inc has several branches.  I went to the place near to my house.  This laboratory is good.  The receptionist and other technicians are very friendly and approachable.  If you want to know more about the servoces of ASIATIC you can go to this link: .   


Just hanging around . . .

Today is Sunday. And Sunday is a family day.  My relatives came over and we spend some time telling stories, laughing and eating together.  Even for a short time in our busy lives we got to get together and share something.  It was fun and there were a lot of teasing in my part about my romantic life.  &(^._.*)&

I hanged most of the time with the two children, a niece and a nephew.  They are the children of my cousins.   Around the house there are several plants that my niece,  and cousins took pictures with.  Having flowering plants around the house is a good relaxation and play area for family members.  Very pretty in pictures too.

This little girl’s name is Anna Laiza. She is my niece. She is pretty if she smiles, but in this picture I found out that she doesn’t know how to smile beautifully. hahaha

My cousin Michael and our nephew Khael.  He is 4 months old.  A happy and lovely boy.


The Orient Square Bldg

This afternoon I went to ‘The Orient Square Building” in Ortigas Center Pasig. It is a tall building with two entances, one in F. Ortigas Jr Road and Ruby Road. I was not able to notice how tall it is, but I went to the 26th floor.  The building looks small but tall.  The two entances have two guards each for checking your belongings and the other one is for listing down our destination.  There is kinda new to me.  When we have our names listed and deposited our IDs, the man gave us two pices of paper.  In this paper, we have to give it back to him by the time we leave the building.  Before, we just deposit our IDs then we pass by them after the visit to the specific office.   Since I’d been away there were a lot of good changes.  This change is good to really make sure that all people going in there has a real purpose.  

Inside the buidling I saw that the hallways are clean and the restroom too.   This building is well maintained.   Whoever the owner is doing a great job.  The companies renting or occupaying this building are lucky.   Thumbs up! 


Food Trip!

     This is a post-entry from my travel to Korea. I was occupied with so many little things.

     Anyways, I would to share to you Korean foods that I have eaten when I stayed there for several days. Actually they are a lot. I love them all, its just that they are all spicy and hot.  My friends said, its not that “hot”. hehehe. I’m not kidding, its really hot.  The presentation and history of some Korean food that was introduced to me were great. I never imagine that there is a historical background for some food. Well, its fun to know those facts. At least while I was eating I am engaging myself into the times they started having this dish for their daily meals. 

     I have noticed that in most restaurants we went in, they have specialties. If their speciality is “Bulgogi”, they only serve that, no more.  No dessert or other food.  So, in short we still went to other places to have dessert or have coffee. hehehe

     In this post I will also include photos of all the foods that I have eaten not just Korean food.  I cannot forget my Korea trip aside from seeing beautiful places and people, we never stop eating. There was a day that all we did was eat, eat, eat.  My friend’s friends invited us from one place to the other. 

     I found out that Korean foods that are served in small dishes with cooked rice mostly  rely on fermentation to add flavor and to preserve it.  Because of this process, the food has a tangy, salty, and spicy taste.  Well now I know why the taste is like that. Anyway, not to keep you waiting, here they are, with a little “communicative comment”.

&(^._.^)&    Photos


Food signs from the food house where I ate “tapuki”. I like the way these food were advertise.

Drinks! Well the chocolate drink in a tetra pack looks inviting, so we bought. Then we started having this every night during our stay in Korea. We were not able to finish eating teh chocolate bar.

For the first lunch, we had to order in a vending machine then it will be delivered to us. I was thinking the food will drop down there too.  Hahaha!

We ordered the following food. We ate a lot. hahaha!

Those are very yummy lunch. Yum, yum, yum.

And for dinner it was continued with another yummy food. Oh my, I hope I am right. The next food is “Samgyeopsal”.

Well, let’s continue the food trip. Honestly, I don’t know there names. hahaha!

Okay! Let’s go back to a little western food.  The next set of food is from ‘Pizza Hut’.

Now, let’s talk about this food. It has a very interesting story but sad to say I forgot it. But soon as I remember I will share it.

These are the food including sweets we had in Everland.

Last night’s dinner with a Korean friend.

The next set of food is our last night’s food trip in Seoul. hehehe!

Food trip was fun.  I only realized now that the first food we ate was tapuki and it was also the last.  It was a great trip for the three of us!


Trip to Wu Xi

Wow, I am in a new city in China again. This city is Wu Xi. 

Wuxi is an old city in Jiangsu Province, China.

No Good Byes to Tieling City

          After coming back from a spring vacation in South Korea I started packing again to go to the Philippines.  It still took me more than a week.  In the span of a week, I did a lot of things.  Well most of these are petty errands.  Anyways I would still like to share places I’ve been to. Hahaha!

          Teiling City is a small city where I worked and lived for more than three years. Hahaha! Can you imagine that, I was able to stay there for several years.  The place is small and can easily be navigated.  The people are friendly and accommodating.  I have met several Chinese families who would offer their homes for me to enjoy.  The city has several malls which I was able to enjoy and used all my hardly earned money ( hahaha! – Just joking! ) Another place in the city is the Long Shou mountain.  This mountain has a lot to offer for a small city.  It has a tail and a head.  It has an amusement park, a zoo and a lot of natures look.  Many trees are planted and a lot of flowering plants are around.  You’ll never run out of spot to take a picture.  The Longshou mountain is very popular for old people and family who walk around for exercise and to be in touch with nature.  There are also people who would go there to bring their love ones and play games and just walk hand and hand.

          There are also several schools from kindergarten to college, There is only one college though “The Teacher’s College”.  The citizen in this city work hard to invest in education.  I work in an academy for the English language.  This is not the only academy in the city. As of my knowledge there are at least 20 language schools.  Aside from language schools, there are for math, Chinese, and music lessons.  I think there are more but I still don’t know. 

          A few years ago when I was still new, the city mayor presented us with a miniature of a city.  This is the “New Teiling City”. At this time, there are some people, establishments and several schools being ready for the coming school year.  For the next few years it will be more progressive than today.  I’m hoping it would be a great place to start a life.

          Well, I won’t be very detailed now with what the city has.  I just want to say that I

           I’ll be coming back to this city, so to my friends, colleagues, parents of my students and most especially to my students, I’ll be back à hehehe è TO VISIT!

          To date, February 16, I left Tieling City.

          Please take some time to look at some photos of Teiling City.  &(^._.^)&


Three in One

Guess what! This day we were able to visit three places without running or being late. We enjoyed and took as many pictures as we want in each places that we visited. We were still able to meet a Korean friend.

The places we visited are: Old Korean Catholic Cathedral, Namsan Hanbok Village and Seoul Tower. Cool right? Well, here are some pictures for you to see.

Old Korean Catholic Cathedral

The Namsan Hanbok Village

The Seoul Tower

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