The Orient Square Bldg

This afternoon I went to ‘The Orient Square Building” in Ortigas Center Pasig. It is a tall building with two entances, one in F. Ortigas Jr Road and Ruby Road. I was not able to notice how tall it is, but I went to the 26th floor.  The building looks small but tall.  The two entances have two guards each for checking your belongings and the other one is for listing down our destination.  There is kinda new to me.  When we have our names listed and deposited our IDs, the man gave us two pices of paper.  In this paper, we have to give it back to him by the time we leave the building.  Before, we just deposit our IDs then we pass by them after the visit to the specific office.   Since I’d been away there were a lot of good changes.  This change is good to really make sure that all people going in there has a real purpose.  

Inside the buidling I saw that the hallways are clean and the restroom too.   This building is well maintained.   Whoever the owner is doing a great job.  The companies renting or occupaying this building are lucky.   Thumbs up! 


Food Trip!

     This is a post-entry from my travel to Korea. I was occupied with so many little things.

     Anyways, I would to share to you Korean foods that I have eaten when I stayed there for several days. Actually they are a lot. I love them all, its just that they are all spicy and hot.  My friends said, its not that “hot”. hehehe. I’m not kidding, its really hot.  The presentation and history of some Korean food that was introduced to me were great. I never imagine that there is a historical background for some food. Well, its fun to know those facts. At least while I was eating I am engaging myself into the times they started having this dish for their daily meals. 

     I have noticed that in most restaurants we went in, they have specialties. If their speciality is “Bulgogi”, they only serve that, no more.  No dessert or other food.  So, in short we still went to other places to have dessert or have coffee. hehehe

     In this post I will also include photos of all the foods that I have eaten not just Korean food.  I cannot forget my Korea trip aside from seeing beautiful places and people, we never stop eating. There was a day that all we did was eat, eat, eat.  My friend’s friends invited us from one place to the other. 

     I found out that Korean foods that are served in small dishes with cooked rice mostly  rely on fermentation to add flavor and to preserve it.  Because of this process, the food has a tangy, salty, and spicy taste.  Well now I know why the taste is like that. Anyway, not to keep you waiting, here they are, with a little “communicative comment”.

&(^._.^)&    Photos


Food signs from the food house where I ate “tapuki”. I like the way these food were advertise.

Drinks! Well the chocolate drink in a tetra pack looks inviting, so we bought. Then we started having this every night during our stay in Korea. We were not able to finish eating teh chocolate bar.

For the first lunch, we had to order in a vending machine then it will be delivered to us. I was thinking the food will drop down there too.  Hahaha!

We ordered the following food. We ate a lot. hahaha!

Those are very yummy lunch. Yum, yum, yum.

And for dinner it was continued with another yummy food. Oh my, I hope I am right. The next food is “Samgyeopsal”.

Well, let’s continue the food trip. Honestly, I don’t know there names. hahaha!

Okay! Let’s go back to a little western food.  The next set of food is from ‘Pizza Hut’.

Now, let’s talk about this food. It has a very interesting story but sad to say I forgot it. But soon as I remember I will share it.

These are the food including sweets we had in Everland.

Last night’s dinner with a Korean friend.

The next set of food is our last night’s food trip in Seoul. hehehe!

Food trip was fun.  I only realized now that the first food we ate was tapuki and it was also the last.  It was a great trip for the three of us!


Trip to Wu Xi

Wow, I am in a new city in China again. This city is Wu Xi. 

Wuxi is an old city in Jiangsu Province, China.

No Good Byes to Tieling City

          After coming back from a spring vacation in South Korea I started packing again to go to the Philippines.  It still took me more than a week.  In the span of a week, I did a lot of things.  Well most of these are petty errands.  Anyways I would still like to share places I’ve been to. Hahaha!

          Teiling City is a small city where I worked and lived for more than three years. Hahaha! Can you imagine that, I was able to stay there for several years.  The place is small and can easily be navigated.  The people are friendly and accommodating.  I have met several Chinese families who would offer their homes for me to enjoy.  The city has several malls which I was able to enjoy and used all my hardly earned money ( hahaha! – Just joking! ) Another place in the city is the Long Shou mountain.  This mountain has a lot to offer for a small city.  It has a tail and a head.  It has an amusement park, a zoo and a lot of natures look.  Many trees are planted and a lot of flowering plants are around.  You’ll never run out of spot to take a picture.  The Longshou mountain is very popular for old people and family who walk around for exercise and to be in touch with nature.  There are also people who would go there to bring their love ones and play games and just walk hand and hand.

          There are also several schools from kindergarten to college, There is only one college though “The Teacher’s College”.  The citizen in this city work hard to invest in education.  I work in an academy for the English language.  This is not the only academy in the city. As of my knowledge there are at least 20 language schools.  Aside from language schools, there are for math, Chinese, and music lessons.  I think there are more but I still don’t know. 

          A few years ago when I was still new, the city mayor presented us with a miniature of a city.  This is the “New Teiling City”. At this time, there are some people, establishments and several schools being ready for the coming school year.  For the next few years it will be more progressive than today.  I’m hoping it would be a great place to start a life.

          Well, I won’t be very detailed now with what the city has.  I just want to say that I

           I’ll be coming back to this city, so to my friends, colleagues, parents of my students and most especially to my students, I’ll be back à hehehe è TO VISIT!

          To date, February 16, I left Tieling City.

          Please take some time to look at some photos of Teiling City.  &(^._.^)&


Three in One

Guess what! This day we were able to visit three places without running or being late. We enjoyed and took as many pictures as we want in each places that we visited. We were still able to meet a Korean friend.

The places we visited are: Old Korean Catholic Cathedral, Namsan Hanbok Village and Seoul Tower. Cool right? Well, here are some pictures for you to see.

Old Korean Catholic Cathedral

The Namsan Hanbok Village

The Seoul Tower

The First Day!

Hi guys, I am in Korea now, obviously I mentioned it in my previous  post.

I just want to share in this post that yesterday my friends and I went around Seoul planning to see some beautiful sites to mark the beginning of our tour here. We were able to visit several places. We exchanged our dollars and yuan money to Korean money. Oh my God, the Korean money is so big.  The living condition here is very expensive too. Anyway, we are ready for this. hahaha. It’s just the fact of reading and speaking the thousands and thousands of Korean money sounds so big.

One good place we visited was the “Gyengbokgung Palace”.

“Gyengbokgung Palace” History states that this is a royal family’s residence during the Joseon dynasty, is surrounded by Bukhansan (Mt.) to the north and opens up to Sejongno Boulevard (formerly known as Yukjogeori) in the front. In 1395, Lee Seong-gye founded the Joseon dynasty. During the Japanese Invasion in 1592, the palace was burned down. It was rebuilt during the reign of King Gojong in 1868. The palace interior consists of political and administrative facilities, royal residential quarters, and a rear garden for leisure. The queen’s personal residence, the crown prince’s residence, as well as Geoncheonggung Palace where King Gojong resided, and other smaller royal residence, also lie within the premise. (This piece of history was taken from a Korean Guide I found in our hostel)

To support my post, I plan to upload pictures but right now I can’t.  hehehe


Photos Update!

Shopping Galore!

February 5,2011
Second Entry

I dated this late because my friends and I went to this place at this time.  The place is called “Wangfujing”.  This is a place for shopping in branded shops and in the side streets.  This gives you a lot of choices for buying something for your friends or loved ones.  You can choose from the cheapest to the most expensive thing.  If you are good at bargaining in the side shops, you’ll save a lot but if you wish to just shop in big stores, you’ll get good things too.  This is a place for all kind of shoppers.

Day and night you’ll see people shopping, taking photos and just walking around enjoying the sites.  Aside from shopping there is one thing that I like in this place, the food too.    In this place, day and night too, they sell “exotic” food like scorpions, starfish, snakes, silkworm and others that I don’t know how to name.

I cannot upload pictures that I took right now because I am using a public computer in my hostel, but I am want to share a link that has some pictures that are useful.


Photo Update:

HuTong Alleys!

February 5, 2011 Seoul Korea.
First Entry.

This is the entry for February 4th activities we have spent in Beijing before coming to Korea. On the fourth of February we spent the day going around the different alleys and shops that show the real Chinese life. I am so glad that my friends and I choose to look around instead of going to museums because we have seen and experience a lot of fun instead of just looking at pictures or realia of the past and their history. This is my fifth time in Beijing so I had been to those places and I suggest it is still a good place to visit for first timers.

We found a good hostel in one of the hutong alleys. We walked around and took lots of pictures. The streets are narrow and full of ancient history. The chinese people did a great job in preserving the areas. Actually we saw a lot of tourists also roaming around.

I am using a public computer so I can’t upload photos I have taken, but soon as I arrive home, I’ll share beautiful scenes and other great photos I took.


Photo update!

Swing It!

It’s 02.04.11 / 4:26 am in Beijing.  We arrived an hour ago from our night life here in Beijing.  We went to “Swing”, it is a bar in Sanlitun where we watched some Filipinos played music.  They were very good.  Though it is New Year here in China, there are a lot of customers. I didn’t expect many people because I was thinking  they will be staying home and just be with their family.  Well, I’m glad they didn’t stay home because the bar was livelier with lots of people. 

It’s so nice to meet “kababayans” when you are travelling.  This is our first stop for our spring holiday trip.  I am with the “lakwatseras”. 

I cannot upload our personal pictures inside so I just uploaded other bars which you can find and visit when you go to Beijing and want to spend a good night life. 

&(^._.^)&  mylifecn

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