Fiesta in San Juan Aroyao

Fiesta in San Juan, Aroyao Grande/ Feast of St John the Evangelist in Catanduanes Philippines is a big event in this small town.  The preparation takes almost a month.  Today May 27th, is the feast day.  Everybody is busy in their houses preparing for visitors to come. 

The celebration isn’t only today, it started in the first week of May.  The barangay captain has already agreed that there will an inter-barangay basketball league competition.  So the barrios of San Miguel were advised and the teams from each barrio had started preparing.  The other committee had meetings for other activities on the day itself.

It is full of fun because it is also a rime for most family to have reunions.  There are usually a lot of family members from Manila that only visits the barrio during fiesta.  So this time there a lot of people.  Same in our family.  We also got to meet older family members that don’t often visit us.  We mingle, play and sing with them.  We prepare lots of food for our family to share with.

I have a link below of the dates of the fiestas around the Philippines.  Please check it out.