Jughead’s Double Digest

Can you believe this? I found this comic book of Jughead (Jughead’s Double Digest #145) in our living room.  I was so happy when I saw it in our living room because it is one of my favorite book in my life.  Archie’s other comic books too.  Last October 2009, Manila was hit ny typhoon Ondoy and our place was damaged too.  All our things, books and clothes were soaked in water overnight.  My mom said she was able to save only a few things including appliances, photo albums and several books.  I never expected she was able to save this comic book. 

I so happy that after seeing it, I read it from cover to cover.  Hehehe &(^._.^)&

Jughead’s Double Digest is an American comic book.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jughead%27s_Double_Digest)

In the issue of Jughead’s Double Digest #145 comic book I have here has “Little Jughead”.   It has 28 different short stories and several advertisements.  Among the many stories, I enjoyed “Little Jughead / Little Archie and Little Jughead / Little Archie and Friends”.  They are so cute and funny.

Pink Hiyas is finally here!

My itchy feet didn’t go anywhere today but I was so busy because my itchy hands did a lot of hand made jewelries.  I made a new blog also to feature all the hand made jewelries I made. The link to that site is: http://www.pinkhiyas.wordpress.com  WordPress is great.  It has a perfect color and space for this kind of blog.  Thanks! Please do visit and give comments. By the way if you’d like to buy or own one of my crafts please email me: lgz5169@yahoo.com 


The Post Office

          After I went to the ASIATIC Medical Laboratories, Inc., I directly took a jeep to the post office.  There is a post office in near to my place.  It is called Post Office Sta Mesa.  I sent two special mail to my friend sin China.  The clerk said one mail which is weigh more or less 20 mg costs forty-five pesos and it will reach her home in seven days.  If I would send a mail just around Manila, it will only cost twenty pesos and will arrive after three working days.    If its outside Manila, the mail would cost twenty-five pesos and it will also take three days to deliver.  I had fun gathering this information.  Before I just go there, give the envelop to the clerk and give her money on the charge.   This experience has cleared some details on sending mails.  I still believe and practice sending greeting cards.  For me electronic cards will just pass but the hallmark cards will always be there.  &(^._.^)&


No Good Byes to Tieling City

          After coming back from a spring vacation in South Korea I started packing again to go to the Philippines.  It still took me more than a week.  In the span of a week, I did a lot of things.  Well most of these are petty errands.  Anyways I would still like to share places I’ve been to. Hahaha!

          Teiling City is a small city where I worked and lived for more than three years. Hahaha! Can you imagine that, I was able to stay there for several years.  The place is small and can easily be navigated.  The people are friendly and accommodating.  I have met several Chinese families who would offer their homes for me to enjoy.  The city has several malls which I was able to enjoy and used all my hardly earned money ( hahaha! – Just joking! ) Another place in the city is the Long Shou mountain.  This mountain has a lot to offer for a small city.  It has a tail and a head.  It has an amusement park, a zoo and a lot of natures look.  Many trees are planted and a lot of flowering plants are around.  You’ll never run out of spot to take a picture.  The Longshou mountain is very popular for old people and family who walk around for exercise and to be in touch with nature.  There are also people who would go there to bring their love ones and play games and just walk hand and hand.

          There are also several schools from kindergarten to college, There is only one college though “The Teacher’s College”.  The citizen in this city work hard to invest in education.  I work in an academy for the English language.  This is not the only academy in the city. As of my knowledge there are at least 20 language schools.  Aside from language schools, there are for math, Chinese, and music lessons.  I think there are more but I still don’t know. 

          A few years ago when I was still new, the city mayor presented us with a miniature of a city.  This is the “New Teiling City”. At this time, there are some people, establishments and several schools being ready for the coming school year.  For the next few years it will be more progressive than today.  I’m hoping it would be a great place to start a life.

          Well, I won’t be very detailed now with what the city has.  I just want to say that I

           I’ll be coming back to this city, so to my friends, colleagues, parents of my students and most especially to my students, I’ll be back à hehehe è TO VISIT!

          To date, February 16, I left Tieling City.

          Please take some time to look at some photos of Teiling City.  &(^._.^)&


Swing It!

It’s 02.04.11 / 4:26 am in Beijing.  We arrived an hour ago from our night life here in Beijing.  We went to “Swing”, it is a bar in Sanlitun where we watched some Filipinos played music.  They were very good.  Though it is New Year here in China, there are a lot of customers. I didn’t expect many people because I was thinking  they will be staying home and just be with their family.  Well, I’m glad they didn’t stay home because the bar was livelier with lots of people. 

It’s so nice to meet “kababayans” when you are travelling.  This is our first stop for our spring holiday trip.  I am with the “lakwatseras”. 

I cannot upload our personal pictures inside so I just uploaded other bars which you can find and visit when you go to Beijing and want to spend a good night life. 

&(^._.^)&  mylifecn