Heliconia Rostrata Ikebana

Heliconia Rostrata Ikebana.  Is it pretty? I made it today.

Heliconia, derived from the Greek word helikonios, is a genus of about 100 to 200 species of flowering plants native to the Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands west to Indonesia. Common names for the genus includes lobster-claws, wild-plantains, or false-bird-of-paradise. The last term refer to their close simililarity to the bird of paradise flowers (Strelitzia), collectively these plants are also simply referred to as heliconias.” (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliconia )

I was tired from my work yesterday so I stayed home the whole day.  It’s better so I’ll have enough rest before I go back to work. &(^._.*)&  This flower arrangement made me a little busy.

There are several heliconias in the home garden, but I choose the rostrata.

Just hanging around . . .

Today is Sunday. And Sunday is a family day.  My relatives came over and we spend some time telling stories, laughing and eating together.  Even for a short time in our busy lives we got to get together and share something.  It was fun and there were a lot of teasing in my part about my romantic life.  &(^._.*)&

I hanged most of the time with the two children, a niece and a nephew.  They are the children of my cousins.   Around the house there are several plants that my niece,  and cousins took pictures with.  Having flowering plants around the house is a good relaxation and play area for family members.  Very pretty in pictures too.

This little girl’s name is Anna Laiza. She is my niece. She is pretty if she smiles, but in this picture I found out that she doesn’t know how to smile beautifully. hahaha

My cousin Michael and our nephew Khael.  He is 4 months old.  A happy and lovely boy.