Learning is Fun!


          I had been pretty occupied by the classes I am handling now.  Teaching is so good especially if kids enjoy what they are doing.  Young students are young children.  Learning should be fun.  There is a difference between entertaining and learning.  

          Entertaining lessons are activities where children enjoy and only enjoy but there is not much participation and practice of the learning points they are learning.  In this way most of the time, the teacher becomes a clown of the class and do all the talking and gesture while the students become the listener and audiences.

          Learning is fun if students are being part of the class.  Activities are focused to the students.  There should be a lot of student’s involvement.  While the students are involvement, they should be enjoying and doing their best to finish the given task. 

          With all these communicative activities focused on the students learning, they come more expressive and natural in using the skills learned.

          Learning is fun, fun, fun if classes are so realistic and not robotic.  My students, you’re doing great!

Fiesta in San Juan Aroyao

Fiesta in San Juan, Aroyao Grande/ Feast of St John the Evangelist in Catanduanes Philippines is a big event in this small town.  The preparation takes almost a month.  Today May 27th, is the feast day.  Everybody is busy in their houses preparing for visitors to come. 

The celebration isn’t only today, it started in the first week of May.  The barangay captain has already agreed that there will an inter-barangay basketball league competition.  So the barrios of San Miguel were advised and the teams from each barrio had started preparing.  The other committee had meetings for other activities on the day itself.

It is full of fun because it is also a rime for most family to have reunions.  There are usually a lot of family members from Manila that only visits the barrio during fiesta.  So this time there a lot of people.  Same in our family.  We also got to meet older family members that don’t often visit us.  We mingle, play and sing with them.  We prepare lots of food for our family to share with.

I have a link below of the dates of the fiestas around the Philippines.  Please check it out. 



Sharing Life’s Thoughts

The photo above was taken in an apple farm two years ago.  I edited it to make it look more beautiful and used it for my blog.  These days I had been busy sharing my thoughts in another blog that I have created two years ago.   My thoughts there were about the poems I wrote and other feelings that I have.

Do visit the web address to know more about the thoughts and other stories that I have shared.



Jughead’s Double Digest

Can you believe this? I found this comic book of Jughead (Jughead’s Double Digest #145) in our living room.  I was so happy when I saw it in our living room because it is one of my favorite book in my life.  Archie’s other comic books too.  Last October 2009, Manila was hit ny typhoon Ondoy and our place was damaged too.  All our things, books and clothes were soaked in water overnight.  My mom said she was able to save only a few things including appliances, photo albums and several books.  I never expected she was able to save this comic book. 

I so happy that after seeing it, I read it from cover to cover.  Hehehe &(^._.^)&

Jughead’s Double Digest is an American comic book.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jughead%27s_Double_Digest)

In the issue of Jughead’s Double Digest #145 comic book I have here has “Little Jughead”.   It has 28 different short stories and several advertisements.  Among the many stories, I enjoyed “Little Jughead / Little Archie and Little Jughead / Little Archie and Friends”.  They are so cute and funny.

Cuspid and First Bicuspid

I love my teeth so much.  I like it clean and sparkling white. If my friends had noticed I rarely have a photo that I don’t show my teeth. &(^….^)& 

Well, this afternoon I’ve finally decided to have my upper left cuspid and first bicuspid teeth be extracted.  My dentist was good. He talked me over the precautions and other possible ways we can do to avoid extraction.  At the end, they will be pulled.

The dentist advised me to eat amoxicillin to prevent infection and mefenamic acid if there is pain.  And also, he told me eat soft food only and those that are not hot.  So for dinner I waited for my food to cool.

Below are the other food I plan to eat this day. Hahaha! Don’t say a word! I know! I know! I know they are all fattening. &(^._.*)&

Hehehe The picture looks so yummy.  I have Curly Tops milk chocolate, Pinipig polvoron from Goldilocks, Cream White Chocolate by Goya, mango juice by Del Monte and Nestle’s fruit selection yogurt straberry flavor.  WoW!


Heliconia Rostrata Ikebana

Heliconia Rostrata Ikebana.  Is it pretty? I made it today.

Heliconia, derived from the Greek word helikonios, is a genus of about 100 to 200 species of flowering plants native to the Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands west to Indonesia. Common names for the genus includes lobster-claws, wild-plantains, or false-bird-of-paradise. The last term refer to their close simililarity to the bird of paradise flowers (Strelitzia), collectively these plants are also simply referred to as heliconias.” (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliconia )

I was tired from my work yesterday so I stayed home the whole day.  It’s better so I’ll have enough rest before I go back to work. &(^._.*)&  This flower arrangement made me a little busy.

There are several heliconias in the home garden, but I choose the rostrata.

Pink Hiyas is finally here!

My itchy feet didn’t go anywhere today but I was so busy because my itchy hands did a lot of hand made jewelries.  I made a new blog also to feature all the hand made jewelries I made. The link to that site is: http://www.pinkhiyas.wordpress.com  WordPress is great.  It has a perfect color and space for this kind of blog.  Thanks! Please do visit and give comments. By the way if you’d like to buy or own one of my crafts please email me: lgz5169@yahoo.com 


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